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Forty Minutes to Reach the Bridge (Writing Above the Clouds)

“Fifteen minutes till darkness,” I tell Olga. “We must hurry.”

Except, we lose our way. We left the main trail too early, took a wrong turn, and now every path we try leads us to an older part of the cemetery, under the canopy of the old lindens, away from the bridge...


Russia: My Cousin Calls... (Author's Corner)

Fish splash on the surface of a huge pond. The basin is full, spilling over into the meadow. No wind at dusk to bother the lacy branches of weeping birches; a colony of blue irises has crawled under someone’s fence and now graces the side of a soggy dirt road...


Lakemount Gardens, Ireland (My Compass Rose of Writing) 

...My favorite site? The pond with its elegant silver-and-purple arum lilies rising above the real blossoms.